Heathwood B&B

Heathwood B&B is a bed and breakfast in Dover, Kent which has great accommodation and views overlooking the valley and town of Dover.
We are set in a quiet location, set back from the main roads, this makes it a great accommodation for all types of Guests such as:
Tourists, People on Business, Couples and Individuals.

Guests of our bed and breakfast can look forward to:
Car Parking (Covered by CCTV), Wi-Fi, Breakfast (Full English or Continental) included in their stay.

Each Suite has common features such as a King Size Bed and Shower but also the Suite’s have their own style and unique features.
The Executive Suite is the more Premium option as it is it’s own self contained area, similar to an apartment and boasts extra features!
For more information and full breakdown see our Executive Suite page or our Deluxe Suite page

We also have plenty of verified reviews from our previous Guests. (Including those that have stayed with us more than once) See Our Reviews Page

Heathwood B&B being located in Dover, Kent means it is local to a variety of attractions.
For more information see our dedicated Local Attraction pages:
Our Historical Places Page, Our Local Dining Page, Our Local Performance Page, Our Local Sports Page, Our Local Animal Parks Page

We have a FAQS Page, we believe we have covered a range of different areas that our Guests may find helpful.
If you don’t find the answer you are looking for in our FAQS!
We also have dedicated pages such as:
Our Accessibility Page, Our Cleanliness Page, Our Safety and Security Page, Our Sustainability Page
If you believe you haven’t found the information you are looking for, then please don’t hesitate to message us on our Contact Us Page 

Heathwood bed and breakfast is ideally located due to its close proximity and access to:
Cross-Channel Ferry Terminal via Dover Port , Dover Cruise Terminal, Eurotunnel, Dover Priory Railway Station

Checking In and Out of Heathwood B&B:
Earliest Check In Time is: 1.00pm Latest Check-In time is 10.00pm , Latest Check-Out time is 10.00am
Children and Pets:
Heathwood B&B does not accommodate for Children or Pets (The Minimum age of our Guests is 18yrs Old)
We are not Wheelchair Accessible at this property (There are a Max of 23 Steps leading to the Property Entrance as well as no lifts)

Please don’t hesitate to use our 10% off discount code: bnbdover
When Booking one of our Suite’s Our Executive Suite Page Here! or See Our Deluxe Suite Page Here!

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